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How to Market Through Text Messaging and Chat with an Automated Marketing Assistant

Why do Automated Marketing Assistants generate more profit, more customers, and more engaged customers for your business?

The short answer is they make it easier to communicate with customers. The best assistants work across not only text and email but also across many social media platforms such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter. Many campaign types are possible, and the results are often spectacular. They include:

  • more new customers at low cost
  • more business with existing customers
  • higher engagement with customers

Here is an article about conversational marketing that discusses some of these possibilities. Key parts from the article:

Conversational interactions between content consumers and brands – via SMS text-style messaging and chatbots – are redefining how marketing teams can engage their audiences.

When communication technology provides greater immediacy and convenience to content consumers like this, changes in expectations are likely to follow — many of us who manage brands learned this lesson through the growth and evolution of social media.

Drive deeper relationships

Last year, Forrester wrote an article on messaging apps published in Forbes, which includes a quote that should resonate with all of us who subscribe to CMI’s content marketing methodology:

Messaging apps will introduce a paradigm shift for marketers where interactive and contextual conversations will replace ad broadcasting. New conversational interfaces will drive deeper relationships between consumers and brands.

Three phrases leap out at me from that quote: “interactive and contextual,” “replace ad broadcasting,” and “drive deeper relationships.” These concepts are the spirit of smart content marketing. You are creating value and building a relationship over time. You are not going for the quick and often fruitless hard sell.

We need to keep up with customer engagement norms, and, moreover, we need to capitalize on the opportunity for interactivity and personalization in a one-to-one content delivery channel.

Find out how you can use Automated Marketing Assistants to engage your customers and your prospective customers.

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